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Advanced Security Training:

This is an advanced course covering advanced tactics including Use of Force and Restraint Device training. While not mandatory, students should have previous advanced security, law enforcement, military or martial arts experience as the course is of a physical nature moves at a rapid pace which leaves little time for basics or remedial training.

Our Next Course:

Advanced Security Training Course
June 5-7, 2024
(0830-1630 hrs. daily)

Christian Fellowship Center, 825 Village Way, Qualicum Beach.

Advanced Security Training Recertification Course - June 7th, 2024 - (0830-1630 hrs.)

JIBC “On Line” written examination will not be held during course. Students will be provided with procedure to complete examination “On Line”.


Note: Online Justice Institute of British Columbia examination consists of 50 questions, multiple choice, true and false, 75% pass mark required.(Min. 4 students required to proceed with this course.)


REGISTRATION: Prerequisite to being accepted into the course is to complete the Student Information Form accurately ensuring any previous injuries are noted on the form.

Click to download BST/AST Student Application Form

Click to download BST/AST Academy Waiver

Registration and Payment Policies/Guidelines

Please note:

Cuffs: If you have your own and wish to bring them, please feel free. They must be metal chain link cuffs and are authorized by Security Programs in Victoria, BC.  Hinged cuffs are not permitted.

Attire: No Muscle shirts! Please wear comfortable clothes, foot wear & pants with pockets to hold handcuff key. Handcuffs will be provided during the course for use by students. On day 2-3 please bring comfortable gym strip, no jewellery, earrings or zippers. Must have trimmed  nails and good hygiene.

The requisite course is a 24 hours and will focus on the following content:

  • Security Services Act & Regulations
  • Advanced Force Options Theory
  • Introduction to Control tactics
  • Application of Restraints
  • Excited Delirium & Positional Asphyxia
  • Reporting & Documentation

Students will be evaluated for proficiency in hands on control tactics techniques as well as achieving a minimum of 75% on a written examination.







Please call to confirm our rates:

Once you have been accepted to the AST course, you will receive a confirmation email stating such.

Cancellation/Refund Policy:




Our Testimonials...

"I recently had the privilege to take the Advanced Security Training course with Mr. Glen Moffat. It (A.S.T) is an excellent step in the right direction for the security industry in British Columbia. Even so; it would not have been nearly as good if it was not presented so well by him. He showed detail in the presentation of the handcuffing and all physical control aspects.

Taking the time to show proper techniques and critiquing as needed. In addition to making sure everyone had an equal learning opportunity and truly understood the material in a safe and controlled manner. I would recommend Mr. Moffat as an instructor to any company; or individual, that is looking for a serious and well presented course."

Sukhjinder Singh Takhar
Security Supervisor

"When I signed up for AST I didn't know what to expect. I certainly wasn't expecting the in-depth, intensive training I received from Glen. Although I felt like I had been through a meat grinder by the end, it was more than worth it for the knowledge and experience gained through my time there.

Most notably would be how I feel on the field now. With no doubt, I am 100% more confident with the skills I've taken home from AST. I would recommend this course to anyone, provided they are serious about the security field."

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Adam Durie
Operations Supervisor Safety Net Security

February 15th, 2010

"I recently completed the Advanced Security Training program as conducted by Mr. Moffat and was immensely satisfied with the entire program. Mr. Moffat's teaching style was supportive and efficient. His obvious devotion to the content, and his students was apparent in every moment I spent in his class. I felt that I took away more than I might have expected from most traditional instructors, and can only thank Mr. Moffat for his personal attention which allowed me to succeed. At no point was anyone in our class under-tutored, or left in the dark. It seemed that Mr. Moffat was able to precisely identify each student's individual needs and learning styles, tailoring the content delivery to each.

Without reservation I would recommend Glen Moffat and his training agency to anyone who desires the most from their educational experiences."

Matthew R. Richardson,
Managing Partner,
Capital City Protection

February 14th, 2011

I just wanted to tell you how much i enjoyed the course, and last night I encountered an aggressive shoplifter and I can't tell you how much more confident I was when I made the arrest. I used techniques learned in the course and it was just like you said in that moment you think back to the most basic training and all of those skills helped me so much. Just knowing that as I was approaching made me feel so much more confident, I didn't realize how huge it would be until the next arrest after the course.

Bradley W. Leach

November 25th, 2011

"I am truly glad that I took this course from Glen. His experience and knowledge clearly showed through his instruction. The way he helped others understand when he noticed some students were having difficulty was not only professional but also compassionate. I will recommend Glen Moffat to others."

Jason Sample, Victoria, BC

"I myself was very green, extra time was taken by the instructor to help myself."

Kelly Suhan, Cowichan Valley, BC.

"I will look back fondly at the time spent at this course. Can't wait to come train under Glen Moffat again in the future. This is a very extensive course! Excellent instruction and course organization made learning easy!"

Jeremy Buerge,
Vancouver Island German Ju Jitsu,
Parksville, BC.

September 6th, 2012

"I had a great experience and I appreciate your dedication to making us all succeed."

Amy Jones

October 14th, 2014

"I want to say how much I enjoyed the AST class, despite the sore muscles on Monday it was a lot of fun. You were very professional, helpful and wanting us all to do well in the class."

Margot Begawan

December 7th, 2014

I really enjoyed taking this class.  The instructor absolutely made the class enjoyable and informative.  He imparted practical knowledge at the skills based on his knowledge and experience of the techniques and skills taught in this course.  I would absolutely recommend this course and this instructor to anyone remotely curious about the security industry.

Mr. Nathan Warner

September, 2015

Glen has a great reputation and his course and his teaching skills, confirm it. Very happy I chose Glen for my Instructor. Very nice guy and easy to talk to.

Roan - Nana imo

September, 2015

Glen went above and beyond the course material outlined and made learning engaging. I would very highly recommend Glen as a BST Instructor.

Stephen - Campbell River

October 8th, 2016

Thanks again for the great course that you provide at a Moffat It was a privilege to gain knowledge from your years experience. I have taken many courses over the years, most recently the Danger Tree Wildfire course at Vancouver Island University which like your course deals with a potentially very dangerous profession. When I completed the V.I.U. course however I felt that the course did not convey the extreme dangers of the profession. The students who were young and skilled at writing written exams easily passing while my partner a Finnish man one of the greatest Wildfire fallers I have ever met failed the course because of his lack of English writing skills. He said at the time the certification process in many professions focuses to much on being book smart. This is where the course you provided is far superior because you conveyed on us so much more real world experience. The stories you told of your personal hard earned experiences is so much superior to transferring knowledge to students than just the written text. That combined with the scenario training makes your course one of the best I have seen and I'm not blowing smoke. You are providing the Security Industry with the upgrade in professionalism that it greatly needs as it moves forward. Thanks again I would appreciate any contact numbers that you can provide. All the best to you and your family.

Sincerely Ted - Campbell River, BC


April 22nd, 2017

We had the honour of taking the AST course with Glen in Parksville as a group. Six of us from Allied Universal (previously Source Security) had heard about Glen and he came highly recommended from other coworkers that have trained with him in the past so we wanted the same experience. Glen did deliver.

There was the six of us coworkers, plus two other students in the class and he was able to meet each one of us at our needs. Knowing that some students learn better by seeing, some by doing, others by listening, Glen made sure to cover all bases. This to me is a sign of a great teacher.

Glen made sure to pay attention to various physical needs in the class to ensure that there would be no injury on his watch. We were sore but in a good way. We worked and trained hard and he made sure we were all safe and well taken care of. Perfect practice makes perfect!

I would definitely train with Glen again and plan to on a regular basis. In this line of work it is important to stay sharp on skills not only for the security of an area but for safety of yourself and the patrons you might be dealing with. It was great that Glen had previous class mates that are well seasoned in the profession join us on the physical training days. It gave us a sense of hands-on information that we might not have gotten elsewhere.

I look forward to training with Glen again and would recommend him to anyone thinking of taking either their BST or AST training for security.

Thanks again Glen! Every word was true!

Fran Nemeth
Allied Universal Security 
Come Work With AUS!
Fran Nemeth, Recruitment Coordinator
Allied Universal Security
Vancouver Island



Great instructor, loved being taught by Glenn!


Glen, I appreciate all you taught me in this course over the past few days and would recommend the course to others which I already have. Been fun, thank you again!


Fantastic instruction from a superb instructor. I look forward to receiving training from Mr. Moffat again in the near future.


Fantastic course! As someone who is learning these techniques for the first time, I had fun and learned a lot. Thank you!


Glen is a really amazing teacher with lots of skills & knowledge


Glen is a superb instructor, drawing in years of experience in law enforcement. I have known Glen for years, and his passion and comitment to the people in the class s unparalleled.


It was a pleasure having such a knowledgabl, and experience instructor demonstrate each of the techniques. Glen was willing to break down each step to help undertand the movements properly and safely, to ensure nobody in class got injured as well as any future subjects.


Glen is an excellent teacher and takes the time to go over any problems


Glen is a terrific instructor teaching a more realistic version of AST. Glen has inspired amny of his students to further their own commitment to safety and security.


I know people have to retire but I hope Glen is still teaching AST in three years from now so I can recertify again. Glen is a great instructor.


Glen was great! Lots of passion and cares about people ans safety.


Great instructor, don't retire!